Watercannons cool Phoenix pool

Congratulations to Phoenix Swim Club on their grand opening yesterday. They love the Watercannon’s ability to cool their new 750K gallon pool in the Arizona heat.


Our goal is to become a valuable resource for you. Please think of us if you have questions about pool aeration and cooling. If you know anyone with a commercial pool that might benefit from the Watercannon, please share our website.


Living Waters Aeration is dedicated to pool cooling. We don’t sell chemicals, diving boards or bathing suits.   We are here to help with your questions and provide solutions to warm pool water.





Keeping College and University Pools Cool

Colleges and Universities need cool pool water too.  We have Watercannon 3.0‘s in use at Colleges and Universities across the U.S.  According to the NCAA, water temperatures needs to be between 79 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit for competition.  The Watercannon lowers hot pool temperature and makes the water safer for swimmers.  The schools below are some examples of our satisfied customers.  We can also accommodate larger 50 meter pools with multiple Watercannon 3.0‘s that spray water from end to end.  The Watercannnon 3.0 comes with a 12 gauge stainless steel cart.  It’s totally portable and sits on the edge of the pool deck.  Let it run all night and then put it away in the morning.  If you’re looking for a portable solution for your hot pool water, call us for a free estimate.

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Do your members complain about hot pool water?

Watercannon 1.5

Watercannon 1.5

Mike Morrow was a great Aquatics Manager.  Safety conscious, friendly, a great coach, and even better leader.

Marci Cooper was a member of Mike’s pool.  Great mom, community volunteer, fundraiser, and loving wife.

But when Marci pulled Mike aside with a scolding comment last July 4th, he was shocked.  Marci was always so polite.  What could be wrong?

“This is the 3rd year”, she complained, “that my family has to swim in HOT pool water!”   She threatened to withdraw her membership, if it was not resolved.

What did Mike need to do?  How can he cool his pool and make Marci and the other members happy?

Who does that?  WE DO.  Living Waters Aeration.

Don’t swim in hot water this summer.

Download our free Water Temperature Guidelines and ask us for a free quote.

How do I cool my pool in the summertime?

Remember last summer when you jumped into your neighborhood pool?  Was the pool water hot?  Sometimes the water is just too hot to be refreshing.  Like bathwater.   There is an answer to hot pool water though:   The Watercannon.  It’s a portable system that will cool your pool’s water temperature through the process of aeration.  You don’t have to swim in hot water this summer.  Portable and easy to operate, The Watercannon runs 8-12 hours a night in the summertime.  Many pools also use it during the day as a water feature.  Contact us for more information.


Cool your pool water


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