The idea for Living Waters Aeration began in 1957 on a hot, humid summer day.  It was the perfect kind of day to get into the pool and cool off.  But the pool was not cool.  The hot water was not inviting.  It felt like bath water.

The ice man would come every few days and somehow he was convinced to add 100 pound blocks of ice to the pool.  As we know today, ice does not cool off swimming pool water and can be a dangerous thing to put into a pool.  There had to be something to cool pool water safer and faster.

This was the genesis of a great idea.  A prototype was assembled.  It was tinkered with and tested and became the first swimming pool aerator.  It was a memorable source of fun and refreshment on those hot summer days.

In 1987 Living Waters Aeration began building and testing a new version of the swimming pool aerator in Palm Springs, California. The Watercannon was in production and cooling pools all over the world. 

Over the past 30 years we’ve had great success selling to all types of facilities in the U.S. and overseas:  country clubs, swim teams, athletic clubs, water parks, colleges, universities, high schools, YMCAs and parks & recreation departments.

We are still a small company dedicated to cooling swimming pool water and making swimmers happy.  We look forward to talking to you about cooling your pool water.

The original Watercannon.PNG

The Original Watercannon

Our original U. S. Patent Office drawing of the Watercannon swimming pool aerator.