"It's been indispensable!" Russ B. - Aquatic Director University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ

"The aerators that your company sold us last year work phenomenal; they helped keep the pools cool all last summer." Phil S. - Aquatics Supervisor VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa - The Woodlands, TX

"I must tell you the cannon has been a huge hit with our membership.  They are really, really pleased with the temps that we’ve been able to maintain." Philip H. Venetian Pools Community Association - Decatur, GA

"The Watercannon has greatly improved not only the clarity and cleanness of our water, but has indeed reduced hot summer water temperatures here in Key West, Florida, so that our college swim team has noticed a significant difference in their overall times." Lori B. - Swim Coach Florida Keys Community College - Key West, FL

"Thanks for a great product! It does what you said it would! The kids still love it, and the units still operate well after their 10th season." David S. - Aquatic Director Paramount, CA

"Since we installed the Watercannon at our water park, we’ve been able to better control temperatures as you promised. Everyone seems to enjoy it, and we thank you for an excellent piece of equipment." Alan & Travis G. - Owners Spring Valley Waterpark - Blountsville, AL

"Our summer water was much more refreshing and enjoyable. The military folks here, along with their kids, love it. Thanks again!" Michael C. - Pool Director Ft. Monroe Aquatics - Ft. Monroe, VA

"After 3 years of enjoyment from both Watercannons, our 2 pools benefited much during our busy summer seasons. Big sensation at our waterpark pool. Kids boo us whenever we turn it off." Belinda K. - Rec. Director Eagle Harbor Club - Fleming Island, FL

"Within 24 hours, the pool temperature dropped from 94 degrees to 84 degrees. If the cannon is left on overnight, the temperature dropped to 81 degrees. With Louisiana summers and a heat category 5, this made the summer swimming a much more enjoyable experience." Marilyn F. - Pool Manager Fort Polk Army Base, LA

"Our Club loves the Watercannon; it is easy to use and beneficial to Springdale. The Watercannon cooled the water temperature significantly creating a refreshing swimming environment all summer long. It was also a major contributor in maintaining water chemistry. Pool water was crystal clear despite surrounding temperatures.  Using the Watercannon not only gave us cooler pool water but was also a major factor in the enhancement of the water circulation, which resulted in a decrease in chemical usage for the club." Monica H. - Manager Springdale Area Recreation Club - Raleigh, NC