Do your members complain about hot pool water?

Hot pool water?
Hot pool water?

Mike Morrow was a great Aquatics Manager.  Safety conscious, friendly, a great coach, and even better leader.

Marci Cooper was a member of Mike’s pool.  Great mom, community volunteer, fundraiser, and loving wife.

But when Marci pulled Mike aside with a scolding comment last July 4th, he was shocked.  Marci was always so polite.  What could be wrong?

“This is the 3rd year”, she complained, “that my family has to swim in HOT pool water!”   She threatened to withdraw her membership, if it was not resolved.

What did Mike need to do?  How can he cool his pool and make Marci and the other members happy?

Who does that?  WE DO.  Living Waters Aeration.

Don’t swim in hot water this summer.

Download our free Water Temperature Guidelines and ask us for a free quote.